The EOPP Story

First formed in 1971 by a group of farmers in the Esperance region, Esperance Organised Primary Producers Co-operative became a Co-operative in 1997.

Esperance Organised Primary Producers Co-operative

Esperance Organised Purchasing Power (EOPP) was founded in 1971, by a group of farmers, who had a vision to reduce the costs of farm merchandise to primary producers in Esperance, Ravensthorpe, the Lakes District and the Goldfields.

A Committee was set up to negotiate supply contracts and enrol members. This Committee was elected annually, and Members paid an annual subscription. Initially, EOPP negotiated with the independent retailer Special Buying Services for the supply of farm merchandise to its members. Special Buying Service was also employed as the billing agent for EOPP.

EOPP History - Filling Feeder


EOPP officially became a co-operative under the name of Esperance Organised Primary Producers Co-operative Limited. The co-operative was formed in order to provide an improved business base for the operations of EOPP. The former Members of EOPP became shareholders in the Co-operative and were each issued with 400 $1 shares; there were 931 shareholders listed in the original Share Register.


EOPP decided not to continue with IAMA as their billing agent. Instead, they employed the services of Capricorn Society Limited to carry out the billing services. Due to the success of Capricorn Society as the billing agent, in 2002 EOPP was able to pay an inaugural Trading Rebate back to its active financial members. This Trading Rebate amounted to 2% of sales on the EOPP Card.


EOPP had an opportunity to purchase a share of a new and independent rural merchandise outlet. They took this opportunity and became a 50% shareholder of Farm & General EOPP.


EOPP decided not to continue with Capricorn Society Limited as their billing agent and brought the billing back to Esperance. EOPP now performs the billing themselves.


EOPP moved from the WA Companies (Co-operative) Act 1943-82 to the WA Co-operatives Act 2009. This move required a change in the rules of EOPP and for the co-operative to redeem the shares of all shareholders who no longer met the rule of active member; spend $200 in a rolling period of 24 months.


EOPP developed a scholarship to aid a student in the Esperance Port Zone to attend an Agricultural College of WA for yrs 11 & 12. 

November 2017, Isak Kuss was awarded the inaugural EOPP Scholarship; Isak enrolled at Cunderdin.


October 2018, Kris Edwards was awarded the EOPP Scholarship; Kris enrolled at Narrogin.


October 2019, Jacob Jackson was awarded the EOPP Scholarship; Jakey enrolled at Denmark.


October 2020, Koltyn Tholstrup was awarded the EOPP Scholarship; Koltyn enrolled at Cunderdin.


Sponsorship of SEPWA Ladies Day.

Apart from being a buying group and billing agent, EOPP has also:

  • facilitated a Meat Value Adding Group and a Grain Value Adding Group;
  • been repeat sponsors of the Esperance Rural Leadership Course;
  • donated funds to Esperance Districts Agcare, to help them continue their services in the Esperance area;
  • sponsored the Rural Women’s Study Tour for 2003, and managed the finances for this tour;
  • supported BlazeAid and the Cascade Scaddan Fire Review.

March 2020, EOPP now has just under 440 shareholders and has over 40 Approved Suppliers who provide goods and services that range from groceries, flowers and gifts to building products, machinery & automotive parts, tyres and steel products.

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