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Welcome to our FAQ section. Please read our answers to commonly raised questions about Esperance Organised Primary Producers Cooperative.

What is EOPP?

EOPP is an acronym for Esperance Organised Primary Producers Co-operative Ltd. We are a farming co-operative first formed in 1971 by a group of farmers in the Esperance area, EOPP became a Co-operative in 1997.

What is a Co–operative?

Co-operatives are people centered organisations that are owned, controlled and used by their members. A co-operative’s main purpose is to benefit its members. People who join the Esperance Organised Primary Producers Co-operative become members of the Co-op, and as such, own the Co–operative.

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What do you do?

EOPP is a supply cooperative that purchase products and services for our members. We provide volume discounted farm merchandise to primary producers in Esperance, Ravensthorpe, the Lakes District and the Goldfields. 

How Does it Work?

EOPP has an agreement with our Registered Suppliers to supply goods/services to our members. When our members purchase what they need, the cost is charged to their EOPP account. At the end of each month the supplier sends EOPP a list of invoices that have been charged to our account. From these lists we ascertain which invoices belong to which member, place these invoices on to a single statement and send it to the relevant member.

How Many Suppliers Do You Have?

EOPP currently have 44 Registered suppliers utilising our billing services, and the number is steadily growing..

How Many Members Do You Have?

EOPP currently have 440 active members.

Who Can Join EOPP?

Membership of EOPP Co-operative Ltd is not restricted to any particular area or demographic. The only requirement is that you must become a shareholder of EOPP Co-operative Ltd.

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How Much does it Cost to Join?

The initial membership cost will be $100 for the purchase of 100 Shares (The minimum requirement), plus $55 for annual membership. Thereafter, the annual fee of $55 will be due on the 1st July, each year.

How to Cash in my investment?

When you no longer wish to participate in the COOP, your shares can be sold to an existing EOPP member or redeemed by the co-operative.

Every application for share purchase and membership is dealt with on a case by case basis by the Board; this also applies with share redemptions and/or transfers.

Where is EOPP located?

Esperance Organised Primary Producers Co-operative Ltd
46 Norseman Road, Esperance WA 6450

If you have a question, speak to Helen, our Executive Officer, on 0427 169 783, or Send a message

Still got some questions?

Give us a call on 0427 169 783 or get in touch by using our contact form.

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