EOPP Trading Rebates

One of the many perks of being an EOPP member is that you can receive money back according to money you spend over a specific time period.

What are Trading Rebates?

A Trading Rebate is a reimbursement paid, calculated as a percentage of trade done (money spent) for a specific time period:

  • RUsing the EOPP Card Billing and/or with
  • RFarm & General EOPP (inc Ag & Trade EOPP)

Who gets Trading Rebates?

To be eligible to receive Trading Rebates you must be a financial member of EOPP Co-operative Ltd, i.e. have paid the annual membership fee by the due date.

Seeding 2021

What Trading Rebates have been declared?

The Trading Rebates which have been declared for trade done on the EOPP Card billing for:

2013/14 - was 4.0%
2014/15 - was 4.0%
2015/16 - was 4.0%
2016/17 - was 3.0%
2017/18 - was 4.0%
2018/19 - was 3.5%
2019/20 - was 3.5%

The Trading Rebates which have been declared for trade done with Farm & General EOPP, including Ag & Trade EOPP, for:

2013/14 - was 3.6%
2014/15 - was 3.4%
2015/16 - was 4.25%
2016/17 - was 4.0%
2017/18 - was 3.68%
2018/19 - was 4.0%
2019/20 - was 4.0%

 The Benefits of Membership


One Statement

The supplier produces one statement for all your EOPP transactions.


One Payment

You receive only one payment, for all transactions made with EOPP suppliers.


Annual Rebates

Each year you have the possibility of receiving a Trading Rebate on all of your purchases.

Join us and become a member!

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