Here in Esperance WA, where the road stretches endlessly for kilometres upon kilometres, trucking isn’t just a profession, it’s a way of life.

Nestled in the heart of Esperance, Ricky and Natalie Seivwright, along with their dedicated team at Esperance Truck Pro Pty Ltd, carry forward a proud family tradition spanning three generations. Established in 2011, Esperance Truck Pro is family-owned business committed to servicing trucks and selling parts to support the trucking industry.

The Origins of Esperance Truck Pro

Esperance Truck Pro Pty Ltd traces its roots back to 2011, but its story begins long before that. With 17 years in the business, the Seivwright family boasts a cumulative experience of over half a century in the trucking industry. For Ricky and Natalie, the decision to start Esperance Truck Pro wasn’t just a business venture, it was a continuation of a legacy shaped by their ancestors, who were deeply entrenched in the world of trucking as drivers and mechanics.

A Father & Son Mechanical Team

What sets Esperance Truck Pro apart from other mechanics is its familial touch. With two generations—father and son—serving as mechanics, the business isn’t just about expertise, it’s about a shared passion passed down through the family line. This unique dynamic creates a sense of trust and reliability among customers, knowing that their vehicles are in the hands of a team that treats them like their own.

Local Roots, Regional Reach

Proudly “born and bred” in Esperance, Western Australia, Esperance Truck Pro embodies the spirit of the Esperance community. Despite its local origins, the business has garnered recognition beyond its hometown, serving customers far and wide. Through their dedication to quality service and genuine care for their clients, Ricky and Natalie have built a reputation that extends well beyond the borders of Esperance township.

The Values Guiding Esperance Truck Pro

At the core of Esperance Truck Pro’s ethos lies an unwavering commitment to customer service. For Ricky, Natalie, and their team, it’s not just about fixing trucks and selling parts, it’s about creating lasting relationships with every customer who walks through their doors. This commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of their business, from the quality of their work to the personalised attention they offer to each client.

Get in Touch with Esperance Truck Pro

For readers interested in learning more about Esperance Truck Pro Pty Ltd or seeking their services, there are various avenues for connection:

Visit them at 38 McDonald Road, Chadwick WA 6450.

Contact them at (08) 90 720474 or via email at

Follow them on Facebook at Esperance Truck Pro Pty Ltd.

Connect with them on Instagram at esptruckpro.


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