Located right here in Esperance, Mike and Karen from Hoey’s Exhaust Centre have demonstrated a dedication to automotive excellence since taking over the business in 2004.

Under the Vickers’ ownership, Hoey’s has become a familiar name in the Esperance community. It’s a reflection of Mike and Karen’s commitment to nurturing a family-owned local business to support the locals, including both ‘townies’ and surrounding farming families.

The Story of Hoey’s Exhaust Centre

Mike and Karen Vickers’ journey with Hoey’s Exhaust Centre began with Mike’s mechanical expertise and Karen’s heartfelt connection to Esperance. Taking on Hoey’s was a genuine step towards building something meaningful — a business venture deeply rooted in their community values. Mike and Karen’s shared goal was simple – they both always wanted to run their own business, and they knew that they could provide the local community with reliable mechanical servicing.

Deep Esperance Community Roots

Mike and Karen are long-term Esperance residents. Karen has called Esperance home since she was seven, and Mike planted his roots here at 20 after moving from New Zealand for a farming job opportunity.

Both Karen and Mike deeply understand the local way of life and the specific needs of their customers. This personal tie to Esperance fuels their business approach, influencing how Hoey’s Exhaust Centre serves the community.

Services Offered at Hoey’s Exhaust Centre

Hoey’s Exhaust Centre has earned its reputation for down-to-earth and dependable automotive care, especially with exhaust systems. From routine check-ups to in-depth exhaust fixes, their service menu is comprehensive and straightforward.

Mike takes the role of a functioning exhaust system seriously — considering both performance and environmental impact. He’s efficient and adept at pinpointing issues quickly and effectively, which means cars leave their shop not just running smoothly but also meeting all environmental and safety standards.

What really drives Hoey’s is their genuine connection with customers. Mike and Karen listen, they adapt, and because of this, customers keep coming back. It’s simple: people trust them with their 10,000km service, their 50,000km service, and beyond.

The Value of Being an EOPP Supplier

For Mike and Karen, being an EOPP Supplier is significant as it positions them as the go-to exhaust and mechanical service specialists for EOPP members, both farmers and locals in town. They value being EOPP Suppliers, and the opportunities it presents – such as the Supplier Spotlight!

Get in Touch with Hoey’s Exhaust Centre

The best way to get in touch with Hoey’s is to give Karen a call on (08) 9071 2712. You can also visit Hoey’s Exhaust at 9 Norseman Road, Esperance WA 6450.

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